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Primary, Middle & Secondary Level

Primary Level

Children of this age group – 6 to 10 years are all exploring and curious by nature. They see things and want to apply. Practical exposure gives a perfect base for a sound individual.

What they are made to see, hear and understand are the things which are going to be deeply ingrained in their being. We, in the school facilitate this adding up of vital ingredients.Whether it is subject knowledge or the application of a concept – we provide and support the right amount of guidance and direction.

Middle Level

This is the age, where they have explored a lot and have a fairly good idea of what is expected of them. So a time comes when the child is just moving with the flow and absorbs the relevant matter.

We ensure that every child is flowing. And this is the time when they start developing their interest in a particular subject. It almost always changes when they reach the high school. And then there are some very determined students too, who pursue what they had dreamt of at a young age.

Children are taken to the labs in the school where specimens are on display, they are shown shop floors and other professional work places and these have a deep impact on their decision about what line they will choose later on in life.

Secondary Level

The students are now at a higher level where they have chosen a subject. We play an important role here. The child is noted about and also told what he or she is good at and then a difficult choice in terms of the result, the child is made to understand, the parents are also told and then the subject is allocated.

Once the student reaches grade IX, he or she studies well as it’s the subject of their choice. The school provides them opportunities by way of expert talks, visits to the specific company / office / factory / hospital, workshops, seminars and even spending a few days at the work place.