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Sports at TIRS

With over 22 acres of campus, we are offering world-class learning environment for our students. We have ergonomically designed classrooms, well-lit and ventilated collaborative learning spaces, audio-visual aids, computers and a library hosting thousands of books (including digital library), magazines and periodicals. The building is majestic and aesthetic. The brick work and masonry speak of finesse and class. The surroundings are green. Even within the building the landscaping is a sight to see. The colour combinations and how the rooms are placed are testimony to world class taste.

Outdoor Play Areas

Volleyball Court

Volleyball court, most often bustles with activity. Playing Volleyball, improves the strength and tone of the muscles. The postures required when playing volleyball strengthens the upper body, arms, shoulders, thighs, abdomen and the lower part of the legs. In addition, volleyball improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and balance. Finally, volleyball teaches teamwork and communication and is a great social activity.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court is a must in every school. For any individual student, a part of this game helps in increasing the height and tones the other muscles as well. Dribbling helps in concentration. It is a team sport and unless each player plays his / her role and contributes for the benefit of the team, it is not possible to win. Coordination and teamwork are an essential part of any team. Similarly, in life, we only grow if we are willing to contribute, share and cooperate.

Cricket Ground

This team sport improves team spirit, endurance, stamina, balance and coordination. So there is an overall improvement inphysical fitness.For the standing around, we make sure that our students are fit and strong, and have good hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills. Regular exercises help sprinting between the wickets and running to stop balls, bowling and throwing, easy.

Lawn Tennis Court

This is a fashionable game and globally admired. It is a game watched and there is active involvement of the British royals. As for the health benefits it increases aerobic capacities, lowers the resting heart rate and blood pressure, improves metabolic function, increases bone density, lowers body fat, improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Indoor Play Areas


We make our students compete across the Chess board. It sharpens a child’s critical thinking skills, poising him or her for academic success. Perhaps more importantly, life lessons from chess extend far beyond a child’s formative years. Chess teaches children and adults alike knowledge and principles that can’t be learned from textbooks. The experience of planning moves and following through, affects the way we operate daily, even while away from the chess board


A powerful competitive and thrilling game is Carrom. It helps in increasing the logical reasoning power in children. The children would be playing and having fun at the same time, they would practice skills like counting, reading, visual perception, and eye hand coordination also. This motivates children to involve themselves in healthy competitions, verbal communication and also to focus.


Ludo is a strategy board game to develop the students’ numeracy skills and positional language. Ludo is also ideal to reinforce the concepts of counting, colors, and shapes that the child may have previously learned. Children also develop creative ways of solving problems because of the different shapes in the board that they have to try.

Table Tennis

This high energy indoor game, strengthens the core muscles and the upper and the lower body. It is great for working up a sweat and increasing the heart rate, thus helping to keep the heart strong and healthy.


Playing Sudoku actually exercises the brain extensively, improves memory, stimulates the mind, reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and increases the concentration power.