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Teaching Methodology

A combination of teacher centred and student centred teaching methods are adopted. The teacher instructs, the students comprehend and learn and also demonstrate, recite or present and that gives an understanding whether the teacher–learning was effective.

Our teachers adjust the level as per the level of understanding of their students. There is a facility called the Remedial Class which caters to the needs of the students who need extra time and attention.

Orientation and Training

We give plenty of importance to Orientation Programmes and Trainings. These give a tremendous boost to the confidence level of the people who attend them.


Every Seminar, Workshop or Training or Orientation Programme for teachers help them perform better as they compete or collaborate with each other. We have outbound exercises too which help them come out of their comfort zones and try out innovative methods.

As we are a CBSE affiliated school now, our teachers get called for different trainings. Whenever there is a conference our Principal along with a team of teachers attend it and become aware of the various educational innovations and changes.

Assessments and Evaluations

We aim at creating complete individuals. So, the students are continually assessed. From their attending school – we evaluate the leaves, to dressing for school – we evaluate the cleanliness of the uniform and the maintenance of general hygiene, to taking part in competitions and events – we evaluate the socio-cultural behaviour, to the regular tests and exams – we provide a complete progress report of the student with which anyone can understand the quality delivered and received.


In today’s world we all need to talk. Our counsellor does exactly that. She talks and observes. She is always on the look-out for any kind of bullying or fights. She doesn’t just look at the facts at that time. She goes back to the minutest of details and the start of anything.

It could be a simple thought which would make a child go quiet or lose interest in the surroundings. Sometimes, it is a serious mental block which hampers progress. Whatever the case maybe, our counsellor with her gentle probing questions and talks, soothes nerves and makes a child keep worries aside.