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The Tejas Way

Tejas International Residential School has been built with the aim of serving our society. At Tejas International Residential School we mold our students in all aspects of life, ensuring that they receive all that is necessary for the overall growth to take on the world of opportunities head-on.

Tejas International Residential School aspires to be a school where every student is nurtured to realize his potential, where there is an environment of joyous learning, active citizenship, and dedication to hard work, commitment to be courageous, compassionate and inclusive.

The basis of our foundation is Value Based and Value Driven. The purpose of Tejas is very clear: We ensure that all students regardless of background or prior achievements are given the skills, experiences and qualifications necessary for them to take charge of their destinies.We have the same expectations from all our students, valuing and celebrating the achievements of all.

Our systems, policies and the delivery of our academic program reflect our promise to be the education institute that brings out the best in every child. The TEJAS way ensures that ours is a community that - ACHIEVES, STANDS TOGETHER, PERSEVERE, IMAGINE, RESPECT and EXCEL.

The TEJAS WAY ensures a safe and joyous learning environment to every student thereby making them active citizens with compassionate leadership and an inclusive mindset. The management, teachers, all our staff members and students adhere to these core values in all our interactions. Schedule a visit to our school to explore and engage with our community – a community where mutual respect and open learning is a way of life.