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Message from the Principal

Dear Parent,

I congratulate each one of us for being awarded 2 years in a row in the category of new upcoming residential schools by Education World. We have successfully completed 2 years of educating children and the focus was always to develop their overall personality. We have been stressing the importance of multiple intelligences which has given the students the assurance that it is not just one line of thought which works. They have been practicing to ‘keep the options open’. And also to be the best in whatever they do.

We have been practicing and upgrading ourselves in thoughts and actions and it truly reflects in the students as well as the teachers. The steps taken by us in the right direction has brought drastic changes in the personality of the children vested in our care. So, from improving language to developing the habit of reading to mock Parliamentary sessions… my students and teachers have evolved. All of us work together with all the stake holders for the progress of a child.

Our much awaited hostel wing is ‘on’ now. We know what it is to be with children at the hostel. So, just the wing is new. Our experience is a wealth which we will be using with the hostellers. The students will get some fine amenities and we will hone their skills. I request all of you well-wishers to bestow the same trust in us as was extended all these past years.

Let’s keep progressing and endeavour to shelve out sound personalities who rule the world with golden hearts.

Thank you,
Mr. Sachin Batra,